Airbnb Clone Script - Version I

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Airbnb clone is an exclusive online rental booking spot where hosts with space for rent meet travelling guests on the look out for an accommodation during their vacation. It allows users with space to list it in the site at a fixed rent for the visitor’s view. Subsequently helping the traveller to accommodate at the budget that matches his expectations via online booking.

Front End







Features of Airbnb

What is Airbnb?

A desire to run an assured beneficial online business offering stupendous accommodation with relaxation and Vacation rental software is right at your end. Now is the time for you to live your dreams with the support of Tibs, an awesome vacation rental script. Tibs efficiently assists an entrepreneur to evolve an online vacation rental website by connecting the rental host with the travelling guest.


With an Economically ever flourishing population, the strife for lodging is on the increase as well. On the other side is a bunch of people with extra spaces, wanting to rent and share. Eventually, the vacation rental software acts to bridge the gap between both extremely related communities.

The Working of Vacation Rental Script

Tibsolutions works out on every innovative idea that attains the attention on beneficiary grounds. Airbnb Clone idea was best suggested by our most valued client community, based on this Clone was activated. Having undergone a process of discussions, polling and research on its scope Tibs evolved.


A cent percent result was exhibited by Airbnb, with tremendous growth to prove a stupendous scope in online vacation rental booking industry. It harvested fruit of $1, 20,000 million revenue approximately, in the year 2012 and around $3, 00,000 million by the end of the same year which is a mind blowing scale up the ladder for a five year old start-up. With a thriving business strategy and having monitored exemplary growth, we at TIBS developed tibsbnb, an excellent vacation rental script.

Traveller service Fare

Once a traveller books a rental space, you can acquire your commission amount. The fare is to be furnished in the admin panel and the commission amount could be changed as per convenience.

User Membership Fare

By enabling this option, the membership amount to be paid while registering with clone script of airbnb will be specified. Hence, ensuring your user makes a prompt payment once he/she registers in your website.

Banner Ads

In order to create traffic and attract revenue to the site and overpower the commercial world, we create banner management system that allows you to change or remove your banners.

Host Service Fare

A commission is earned from one’s host to list his/her property in your site. The set amount could be paid by means of interactive admin panel.

Property Listing Fare

The commission is collected from the host once their property gets booked. With the aid of the service of this clone script, one can mint easy money.

Property Verification Fare

To verify the property listed in your vacation rental script, a particular amount is earned as commission. This fare could be conveniently set by you.

TIBS-BNB Airbnb Clone Script Features

Responsive Design

Property Request

Property Booking

Properties Management

Apache and Nginx engine

Integrated Google Analytics

Google Map Integration

Currency Converter

Single/Multiple Payment Gateways

Pre-launch Mode

Private Beta Mode

Host Service Fee

Multi-lingual Support

Social Network Connectivity

E-mail Templates

Users engagement

Dispute Management System

Advertisement Banner

Travel service fee

Property Verification Fee

Internal Messaging System

Calendar Settings

CSV Export

Enhanced Admin Dashboard

Maintenance Mode

Site Info Settings

Full Page Caching

Cloud Flare

Pull CDN

Email Delivery SMTP

Property Collections

Featured Properties

Property listing fee

User Registration Fee

Amazon S3

Google Page Speed

Verified Properties

Template Management

Activities Management

Trips Management

Social Sharing

Social Marketing

Face pile

Email Notification Alert

Bulk Email Option


Invite Friends

Static Page Management

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